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Mumbai University | Chemical Engineering Branch | Third Year Semister-V Subject Chemical Engineering Economics | Guidance | Marks Distribution | List of Questions

Chemical Engineering Economics

a) Nick Name by Student's :- CEE .

b) Short Information of Subject :-

i) Theory Examination :- 100 Marks.

1) Question paper will comprise of 7 questions, each carrying 20 marks.

2) Total 5 questions need to be solved.
3) Question No.1 will be compulsory and based on entire syllabus.
4) Remaining Questions will be randomly selected from all the Chapters and will be mixed in nature.

ii) Term Work :- 0 Marks.

No Termwork for CEE

iii) Total Marks :- 100 Marks.

Chemical Engineering Economics is basically a Theory subject but Numericals (which are very easy) are the key to score in these subject. On average basis the Question paper comprises of 90 marks theory and 50 marks Numericals. Leaving numericals for option can sometimes get you a KT in these subject. Scoring in these subject is very easy,but the only difficulty is you will have to gather all the notes from seniors as there is no proper book available for these subject.

c) Best Book to refer :- Peter Timmerhouse

Chemical Engineering Economics (CEE) Set of Questions (Theory ):-

Reference Book :- Refer Notes from Seniors.

10 Marks Questions :-
1)What is Depreciation ? What are the different types of Depreciation OR What is Depreciation ? Explain the various methods to calculate the Depreciation.Also specify when we use these methods.
2)Describe 5 levels of Project Cost Estimation OR Draw the tree diagram showing cash flow for industrial operations.
3)What is Break Even Point (BEP) ? Is it possible to operate production plant below Break Even Point ?
4)Explain in brief Balance Sheet.
5)Explain the factors that should be considered in making a feasibility survey.
6)Draw and Explain Life Cycle of a Project.
7)Explain Direct and Indirect taxes in detail.

8 Marks Questions :-
1)Explain Double Declining Balance method ? When it should be used over Straight Line method.
2)Write importance of economics to Chemical Engineers.
3)What are Profitability Evaluation methods ? Give details of any three.
4)Compare Straight Line method and Double Declining method of Depreciation.

5 Marks Questions :-
Generally asked as write short notes on.
1)Taxes & Insurance / Self Insurance with example.
2)Different types of interests ? With formula for each.
3)Factors affecting on Investment & Production cost.
4)Salvage value,Replacement & Scrap value.
5)Demand & Supply.
6)Concept of Financial ratio.
7)Cost accounting and reporting.
10)Types of market
11)Inflation.How does it affect Capital Cost.
12)Turn Over ratio.
15)Cost index & it's types
17)Current & Cash ratio
18)Methods for estimating cost by scaling.